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Roto-Rooter Edmonton is a plumbing and drain cleaning company that has operated in Edmonton since 1935.

The Project

After leaving a major competitor and making their new website with Nimble, we took over Roto-Rooter's digital marketing with our PPC Grow, Paid Social Add-on and SEO Grow programs. Nimble's optimizations have led to significant month-over-month growth in site users, conversions and search results.

The Challenge

Roto-Rooter had a website made with Nimble that they wanted to drive traffic to instead of the national Roto-Rooter site. They previously had a website and marketing plan with a major competitor, but were frustrated at not having full ownership over their website and ads.

The Nimble Solution

Roto-Rooter began advertising with Nimble in November 2020 and signed on to our PPC Grow, Paid Social Ad-On and SEO Website Monitoring & Optimization Grow programs.

PPC Grow

  • Nimble used search ads and keywords to highlight their key services — these keywords were specific so they wouldn’t compete with Roto-Rooter’s national level. We also used a new image extension, which led to higher click-through rates.

Paid Social Add-On

  • Nimble created animated ads that featured imagery of their services.

SEO Website Monitoring & Optimization Grow

  • Nimble built a new website for Roto-Rooter from scratch as they lost access to their previous website, which required a lot of optimization.


Nimble's website optimizations led to month-over-month growth in both users on site and conversions — users have nearly doubled since the start of their program and the conversion rate nearly tripled in that same 11 month period.

  • Paid search CPA fell from a high of $88.99 in Jan 2021 to $13.83 in Oct 2021
  • Total conversions improved from 38 in Nov 2020 to 173 in Oct 2021

Ongoing optimizations made by Nimble have led to Roto-Rooter’s search impression share rising to almost 50%, meaning an ad is shown in almost 1 in every 2 relevant searches, despite its highly competitive segment. Additionally, their click through rate rose to 5% such that 1 in every 20 times an ad shows in a competitive search results in a click through to their website. People are more likely to find what they're looking for from Roto-Rooter Edmonton's ads as they better match their search intent, and therefore more likely to click through to the website. 45 citations claimed, with improvements made to NAP schema along the way.

Their organic listing now ranks in the top 5 for following monitored keywords:

  • Plumbing Drain Services Near Me (1.8)
  • Edmonton Drain Cleaning (2.9)
  • Drain Cleaning Edmonton (3.0)
  • Edmonton Drain Cleaners (3.6)

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