How Good Copywriting Helps You Reach Your Business Goals

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Arielle Demchuk
May 5, 2023
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Are you tired of trying to figure out how to get your business message across, but feeling like it just isn't connecting? It may be time to look at the COPY.

Yes — what you say might be more important than how you say it! And that's why good copywriting can help your business goals soar. Through the power of well-crafted words, customers are more likely to listen, believe and act on your marketing messages — and maybe even become a loyal fan in the process.

Write with a purpose

Effective writing is all about purpose. Whether you are drafting an email or penning a novel, knowing what message you want to convey and how to communicate it in the most compelling way possible is key. A clear, concise purpose helps guide your ideas and shape the language you use to express them.

Before starting any piece of writing, take a moment to ask yourself: what exactly do I want to say, and what's the best way to say it? What do I ultimately want my reader to do with what I have to say — do I have a call to action or am I providing information that’s useful to them?

With a clear purpose in mind, you'll find your writing becomes more impactful, persuasive and enjoyable for both you and your readers.

Know your audience

As a writer, it's important to have a clear understanding of your audience so that you can create a message that resonates. Whether you're crafting an email, composing a blog post, or writing a social ad, knowing your audience can make all the difference.

Are you writing to a group of industry experts or to a general audience? Do they already know what you do, or are they new to your business? What are their pain points and how can you offer solutions?

Taking the time to research and understand your audience can help you establish trust, build credibility, and ultimately, drive engagement. So, the next time you sit down to write, ask yourself — who exactly is my audience, and how can I connect with them?

Stay on top of trends

In today's fast-paced world, staying on top of the latest news and current events is not only important for keeping up with changing times, but also for offering an insightful perspective on any topic. Thought leadership is a great way to build a following online — if people are interested in what you have to say, they may also be interested in what you have to sell. Being in the know about the latest trends can help you connect better with others and stand out among the crowd.

Instead of staying confined to your own bubble, take the time to read up on different news sources and stay in tune with popular culture to broaden your horizons. Follow blogs companies and influencers on platforms like LinkedIn, and listen to podcasts related to your industry. With a little effort, you'll be able to keep up with the ever-changing world around you and offer thoughtful insights that add value to any conversation.

Make it interesting

Are you tired of reading mundane, run-of-the-mill content? Are you nodding off at your desk as you trudge through yet another article filled with dry statistics and stiff jargon? You’re not alone.

Embrace wit, humour, and storytelling as you take your audience on a journey through the topic at hand. Your goal isn't simply to inform — it's to entertain, to spark curiosity, and to leave readers feeling satisfied and, dare we say it, amused. Interesting, engaging copy is just as important as eye-catching design to get those thumbs to stop scrolling and pay attention to what you have to say.

Edit, edit, edit!

When it comes to writing, the importance of editing cannot be overstated. As writers, we put a lot of effort into crafting the perfect message, so why let typos and grammar errors detract from its credibility?

Taking the time to proofread and edit can make all the difference in how your message is received by its intended audience. Whether you're writing a webpage about your services or submitting social ads for review, it's always worth it to put in the extra effort to ensure your words are error-free. Taking a shortcut could be detrimental to the success of your message, and being taken seriously as a professional business.

Remember that famous, published authors also have editors for their work — even the best writers are only human and can always use an extra set of eyes.

Check for consistency

As a writer, it's important to maintain consistency throughout your piece. Inconsistencies in tone, tense, narration and voice can interrupt the flow and structure of your work, leaving the reader feeling confused or disengaged.

By checking for consistency, you can ensure that your message is conveyed in a clear and cohesive manner. Take a step back and carefully analyze your writing — are you using the same style throughout? Are you speaking in the same tense (past, present, future)? Is your narration consistent — is the audience directed at “you”, or “them”? A great tip is to try reading it out loud to see how it sounds — if you notice the pace is off or your language style varies greatly from paragraph to paragraph, it might be worth a rewrite. And by making these necessary revisions, you have a better chance of creating a polished and professional final product.

Writing is an art-form that can have a massive impact on your audience (and no—we can’t just rely on AI copywriters. The human touch is essential!). Crafting a compelling message is key to engaging your readers and telling the story of your business with confidence. If you need help putting this together for your business, contact us at Nimble Digital to help you craft the perfect marketing message and campaign!

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