SEO Fundamentals

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Karin Ferrari
March 11, 2024
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SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization” is about making sure you and your brand show up organically online.

The key elements of SEO are Keyword Research & Content Creation, Technical & On-Page Optimization, Off Page Optimization & Link Building, and Analytics.

Keyword Research is about identifying your customer’s search intent. It’s important to understand their needs based on the query type and to create the appropriate content based on those searches. 

If you run a plumbing business, you may find a lot of traffic to your site comes from users searching for “leaky sink”, but it’s worth digging into the details of those searches for insight into exactly what they’re looking for - aka search intent. “How to fix a leaky sink” is different from “emergency leaky sink repair” and the content you create would be different as well. A blog page about easy plumbing fixes can help you show up in higher funnel searches and build consumer trust by offering advice for a somewhat lower-value job. And using platforms like YouTube and (especially) TikTok for this type of content will be something we see more and more of, as Google adapts its Algorithm to include predictive searches. Alternatively, for “emergency leaky sink repair” having a page specifically for Emergency Services can capture a consumer with an urgent need. 

Technical and On-Page Optimization sound intimidating, but it comes down to making sure your site is operating optimally for search engines to find you. Google wants to ensure a positive user experience, so it looks at things like page load speed, site security, alt tags, meta descriptions, etc. There are several free tools online to audit your website health and many offer checklists of action items. Technical updates and on-site optimization can be time-consuming, and many businesses opt to hire an SEO agency to manage these tasks on their behalf, opting to focus on other areas of SEO (like Content Creation) internally.  

Off-Page Optimization refers to SEO elements that help your website and brand authority and popularity through backlinks from relevant sites. Think of it as your website reputation. Focus on building your links to high-authority sites and generating backlinks. Work on filling out all the details on your Google Business Page, Social media channels, and other platforms like directories that users might be navigating to discover you. Make sure your NAP (Name Address and Phone Number) are accurate online.

Measurement is key to identifying performance and recognizing areas for improvement. Make sure you have tools like Google Analytics and Search Console set up on your site to track your traffic, visibility, and performance so that your decisions are data-driven. 

SEO is an ongoing strategy to build your profile online, and we can help. Reach out to us if want to learn more about any of these strategies.

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