The Nimble Approach to Simplified Advertising

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Arielle Demchuk
July 21, 2021
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When you’re running a small business, the complexities of advertising can be scary, but it is a necessary component of growing your business. That said, without a dedicated role in your company for managing your online advertising, it can feel overwhelming, and paired with the daily demands of your business, may inhibit your ability to create a digital marketing strategy that works.

That’s where Nimble comes in. We take the stress out of knowing where to start. Advertising your business online can be overwhelming  and expensive — but we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t need to be! With the right digital marketing program tailored to your business goals and industry, Nimble can help you move the needle using best practices and the right mix of digital marketing tactics for a lot less than hiring a new team member or a traditional marketing agency.

Nimble offers marketing programs and websites that are modelled after 1000s of successful launches. Our solutions are designed using only the highest-performing strategies and most effective processes. We get to know your audience better and make data-informed decisions, saving you time and money.

Let’s dig into Nimble’s approach to digital, and the core tactics we use to promote your business.

The Nimble approach

We understand that it is tough to know the right mix of digital marketing tactics for your business and that budgets are tight. Our programs were designed using over 20 years of experience in digital, with thousands of successful campaigns and launches in mind. We're not reinventing the wheel. We're using optimized tactics that work.  

We created Nimble with local businesses in mind. We know the cost of a marketing agency can stop you in your tracks, and you've got a lot of expenses. If you're going to spend money on marketing, it needs to work. We saw the need for an affordable, effective solution for small and local businesses to improve their online presence with digital marketing and websites. Our approach keeps costs down by implementing proven methods that increase clicks, grow your audience, and offer insights for ongoing efficiencies.

Why do our clients use Nimble? Because they want to build awareness? Because they want to grow their brand? Yes. But, that's not all. Nimble helps small businesses and organizations grow their audience and improve their ability to get new customers. Our customers use advertising and marketing services from Nimble because they want others to buy from them. They know that the exposure and awareness Nimble digital creates will ultimately result in new leads.

We can all agree that (for the most part) people don't just run around buying randomly. There's a process at play, a customer journey. Nimble helps to both facilitate and refine that process with the business owner and the user in mind. When you consider the customer journey, you start to hit your stride with digital marketing. We move users from awareness to action, which begins with display and social media marketing. Next, we use search marketing to reach users in their consideration stage, ensuring your business shows up when they're ready to make a decision. Let’s learn more about our three main digital advertising tactics.

Social media ads

Social media ads are typically aimed at passively reaching a large, primarily cold audience where they spend the most time online — social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. These ads are served to people based on their interests or demographics while they browse social media, whether algorithmically in their news feeds, in between videos, or in their searches.

The goal of social media ads is to generate audience awareness of your brand by illustrating the products and services you offer. They are also used to get your audience to consider your products or services by demonstrating how they could help a potential customer.

How Nimble helps with Social

There’s a lot to consider when setting up social advertising, such as who your audience is, and what messaging or imagery is compelling enough to entice them to stop and look at your ad, let alone click through to your website. Not to mention that these social media platforms are constantly evolving with new ad placements and targeting options, plus new and emerging platforms that provide their own unique opportunities to reach audiences.

Nimble leverages industry best practices to effectively structure your ad accounts on these platforms, specially tailored to each. We create engaging, thumb-stopping, eye-catching visuals with relevant messaging written to speak to a customer’s place in their purchasing journey. We also save you money by optimizing your ad spend and only delivering ads to your target audience.

Display Ads

Similar to social media marketing, display marketing is a valuable tool to reach a lot of people across the web who may not be familiar with your brand, or your products and services. It shows banner ads to people who are not searching for anything directly while they use all kinds of websites and apps like news, YouTube, dating sites, and many more!

Display ads have a large user base, and with robust targeting, you can reach many relevant users. People’s previous browsing behaviours and online research paint a picture of an upcoming purchase. Leveraging these relevant in-market signals is important to reach people who are very likely interested in your products or services. For example, a person who just bought a house might be more likely to need professional landscaping or cleaning services, or a person who is researching air conditioners is likely to be influenced by an ad for a sale on air conditioners! Display ads are useful for brand awareness, promoting sales and driving traffic to your website.

How Nimble helps with Display

There’s a lot to consider when setting up display advertising, such as who your audience is and what message and image is compelling enough to entice them to click through to your website or landing page. Nimble has the expertise to create effective ads and reach your target audience, plus the variety of ad types available allows us to personally tailor the approach to your business.

We build ads that use best practices for the platform. They are designed with vibrant and engaging visuals matched to your business’s branding, plus relevant messaging that specifically speaks to your customers. We consistently monitor and optimize our ad creative, messaging, targeting and delivery to ensure that ads are as effective as possible, making changes as necessary to get the best results possible at a specific budget.

Search Ads

Search advertising is when advertisers bid against each other to show their ads in the results of relevant Google search results pages. With a large user base on the world’s biggest search engine, search advertising helps target people who already have a good idea of what they want and are actively looking for solutions to their problems.

You want your business to be the first that shows up to demonstrate you’re there to help solve that specific problem. If you sell premium coffee making equipment, your search ads will target people who are searching for coffee equipment to buy. If you provide landscaping services in a certain geographic area, your search ads can target people from that area who are searching for landscaping services. These ads drive the right people to your website. Keywords and bids can be adjusted to reach the most relevant audience searching for the products or services your business offers.

How Nimble helps with Search

Knowing which keywords to bid on, and how much to spend, takes considerable industry knowledge. But we have the expertise to do just that! We start with keyword research for relevant search terms, and tailor the ad spend to the available search traffic for your industry. We use proven best practices to set up your Google Ads search account, learned over many years as a certified Google Partner. By writing compelling ad copy, we present the right message, at the right time, to the right people.

Our wealth of data lets us analyze traffic from ad campaigns to ensure we are optimizing your ad placements in the right searches to get the best results for your business. With ongoing management, we make sure you get the best performance for your money — your ads are always relevant and reach the right people. Once you’re set up, we make it simple to understand your performance with our unified dashboard, simple reporting, and monthly meetings.

Digital advertising - simplified!

So how can Nimble simplify digital advertising for your business? We help you understand your customers and how to reach them — fitting your marketing to your product and market.

Not sure what you need? We will meet with you to learn about your business goals and how best we can help you reach them. We’ll guide you to the right programs that help you build your online presence and drive your business goals.

We understand that digital marketing isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” deal, so we tailor our marketing programs to meet your specific needs. Our variety of digital marketing programs can fit different business goals and are scalable to almost any budget. The set-up is simple — fill out our form, send us access to your ad accounts and any information we need, such as existing ad creative, photos and content, and we do the rest! We can work with your existing website or help you build a new one.

By choosing Nimble, you’ll get a lower cost and quicker turnaround compared to larger marketing agencies, all while working with our experts to get the results that drive your business forward.

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