The Scale of Your Dreams: A Real Talk Guide to Growing Your Small Business

Written by
Glen Erickson
October 17, 2023
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Hey there, small business owners and dreamers! Let's chat about the hustle and bustle of starting up and scaling up, shall we?

You've got this awesome dream, right? Maybe it's a product that'll change the game, or maybe you're cooking up a service that'll make people wonder how they ever lived without it. But let's be real for a sec—dreaming is the fun part. It's the doing and scaling that gets tricky.

Look, we've been around the digital marketing block at Nimble, and "scale" was always sold as this magical result of going digital. But anyone who's tried growing a business knows scaling is often easier said than done.

Dreams? We've all got them. Maybe you want to disrupt an entire industry or maybe you're looking to make a difference in your local community. The point is, dreams are the picture-perfect version of a reality that doesn't exist—yet.

And here's the catch—dreams don't come with a manual. You gotta figure out the "how" part yourself. How do you go from rocking a local venue to selling out stadiums? Or from getting Kickstarter-funded to hitting retail shelves?

So, what have we learned from sitting at the "idea" table with countless dreamers like you?

  1. Proof is in the Pudding: Before scaling, you need evidence that what you're doing works. That means finding real-world wins, not just pats on the back from friends and family.
  2. Failure is Your Friend: Sorry, no dream is built on a bed of roses. Most are built on a foundation of well-learned lessons, usually from failing a time or two—or more.
  3. All In or Nothing: If your dream isn't costing you something—time, energy, sanity—it probably isn't a dream worth chasing. Dreams are greedy; they want all of you.
  4. One Size Doesn't Fit All: Not every dream is destined for world domination, and that's okay. Know when to be content with what you've achieved or when to pivot.
  5. Build it and… Crickets?: Just because you've built something cool doesn't mean people will magically find it. You've gotta connect your dream to the people who need it.
  6. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: No one scales a business alone. Be open to outside ideas and help. Otherwise, you're limiting your dream's potential.

We're all about helping local businesses like yours at Nimble. Whether you've been cooking up your idea for days or decades, we'd love to chat and help bring your dream to life.

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